Tripodwire launches innovative mobile messaging platform


In an effort to buy into the mobile messaging solutions world already established and growing steadily in Nigeria for the past few years, Tripodwire - a web and mobile development and communications company - has launched a mobile messaging platform to enhance mobile marketing campaigns for individual, developers and corporate organizations.

The mobile messaging service - named SMSPrime - comes with a host of convenience features intended to make mobile marketing campaigns and bulk message broadcasting a breeze, and accessible to almost anyone. The hosted service which is chiefly...

Covenant University launches new website

CANAANLAND, September 20, 2010. Covenant University launches a new website in collaboration with the design and development crew at Tripodwire... Nov 09

What we do

We are confident we can make a difference in your business through technology. We have acquired certain powers over the years.[1]

We render a suit of services and solutions that helps companies and brands connect to a growing online community of consumers. Tripodwire helps with digital strategy, creative and design, technology and the dynamics of installing great web presences and applications for the web and mobile.

We provide our clients with the opportunity to fulfill their dreams by helping them visualize and materialize their ideas from the point of inception. In addition to our services, we also provide infrastructural tools of the trade with which we enable brands to excel and receive a maximum return on their investments. Some of these tools include domain name registration and DNS management utilities, business class email and enterprise class hosting for small to medium scale corporate entities. We also provide esoteric media services for both individuals and organizations.

Social Media

With social networks and user-generated content forming a major part of the web's fabric, we work with brands to develop effective strategies: to reach out to new and existing audiences, to understand in detail how companies are perceived, or even to bring entirely new communities together. This requires a deep understanding of individual and collective user behavior, as well as technical experience of how social media platforms are developed and sustained.

Strategic Persona Development

We want to deliver the best user experience possible, on every project, for every brand. In order to achieve this, we need to understand the users themselves. Where do they emanate from? What are their collective identities? What are their basic wants and needs? How can we improve their experience? A detailed insight into a user base is essential for any brand because understanding your audience can lead you into providing applications and software that feels right and usable.

Tripodwire creates 'Personas'; identifying common priorities among your users and tailoring the information architecture to their needs.  

Website Analytics

Tripodwire's capabilities goes beyond visuals and functional applications; we help businesses to establish real advantages. We engage with our clients to help them understand current user behavior, trends and site performance, and provide solutions which encompass the full life-cycle of successful analysis: goal identification and measurement of success, system integration and implementation (whether 3rd party or bespoke), reporting and ongoing adaptation.

Search Engine Optimization

Search is the cornerstone of the web. How can we make you more findable? We apply a careful blend of content strategy, accessibility & standards expertise and a core understanding of search engine technology to every project. We define an approach that works not only for initial deployment and launch, but also provides a platform for flexibility and adjustment as the search landscape changes.

Project Planning / Management

Designing and building interactive solutions for big brands requires more than just top-class creative and technical skills. It relies on an experienced project management team and a methodology that encompasses business focus, flexibility and an emphasis on quality.

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