Tripodwire launches innovative mobile messaging platform


In an effort to buy into the mobile messaging solutions world already established and growing steadily in Nigeria for the past few years, Tripodwire - a web and mobile development and communications company - has launched a mobile messaging platform to enhance mobile marketing campaigns for individual, developers and corporate organizations.

The mobile messaging service - named SMSPrime - comes with a host of convenience features intended to make mobile marketing campaigns and bulk message broadcasting a breeze, and accessible to almost anyone. The hosted service which is chiefly...

Covenant University launches new website

CANAANLAND, September 20, 2010. Covenant University launches a new website in collaboration with the design and development crew at Tripodwire... Nov 09

Business Class Email Solutions

Free email addresses are often confusing and long, and mostly include impersonal names - i.e. yahoo, hotmail etc - that your potential clients cannot identify with

A personal or corporate email address speaks volumes when compared to the alternative. Premium email hosting gives you a business edge and stamps your correspondence with authenticity.

Free email services are good for staying in touch with friends and the like but are rarely appropriate for day to day business communication; however the software, hardware and personnel requirements for running email servers may not have the intended effect in terms of ROI.

Tripodwire offers full scale email hosting services and enables businesses to outsource their email communications needs and focus on the core of their business. We provide business class email, webmail access, contacts management facilities, calendaring, syncing utilities, push mail facilities, virus scanning, IMAP and POP3 connectivity, integration with Microsoft Outlook and other user agents, integration with mobile devices etc.

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