Tripodwire launches innovative mobile messaging platform


In an effort to buy into the mobile messaging solutions world already established and growing steadily in Nigeria for the past few years, Tripodwire - a web and mobile development and communications company - has launched a mobile messaging platform to enhance mobile marketing campaigns for individual, developers and corporate organizations.

The mobile messaging service - named SMSPrime - comes with a host of convenience features intended to make mobile marketing campaigns and bulk message broadcasting a breeze, and accessible to almost anyone. The hosted service which is chiefly...

Covenant University launches new website

CANAANLAND, September 20, 2010. Covenant University launches a new website in collaboration with the design and development crew at Tripodwire... Nov 09

Domain Names Registration & DNS

We provide domain names registration, domain privacy tools and DNS management utilities that enables you to establish your identity online.

Tripodwire offers a full suite of domain services including domain registration, domain renewals, domain transfers, domain privacy services, premium domains and domain auctions, DNS and zones management services and a manifold range of services that helps your brand to stage identities online.

More often than not, a domain name is the facade of any online resource and is necessary for any publicly accessible resource. It is a system that assigns human readable names to physical computer nodes in the ubiquitous global internetwork. Domain names have become more than nomenclature over the years, but an essential branding tool.

Memorable, mnemonic and corporate domain names go a long way in reaffirming your brand in the online marketplace. 

Tripodwire is situated to assist our clientele - not only in registering domain names - but also to help them identify and acquire the proper naming sytem that serves to advance the cause of brand building. To this end we have installed ourselves as professionals capable of providing name registration services for the past four years and counting. 

The public nature of DNS et all - regardless of its merits - provides privacy concerns for clients, and the management requirements are considerable. Tripodwire provides domain privacy tools that protects you while still offering the full advantage of the naming system.We also provide services and qualified personnel that simplifies the day to day running of the domain services that hosted on our clients' behalf.

A name is more than an address on the web - it enables your business to be recognised.

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