Tripodwire launches innovative mobile messaging platform


In an effort to buy into the mobile messaging solutions world already established and growing steadily in Nigeria for the past few years, Tripodwire - a web and mobile development and communications company - has launched a mobile messaging platform to enhance mobile marketing campaigns for individual, developers and corporate organizations.

The mobile messaging service - named SMSPrime - comes with a host of convenience features intended to make mobile marketing campaigns and bulk message broadcasting a breeze, and accessible to almost anyone. The hosted service which is chiefly...

Covenant University launches new website

CANAANLAND, September 20, 2010. Covenant University launches a new website in collaboration with the design and development crew at Tripodwire... Nov 09

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Placing an order with is quick and easy. First you need to create an account. Once you have an account, you'll be able to:

  • Shop and check out faster on your next visit
  • Check your order status online
  • Receive your member discount on online purchases
  • Obtain a history of items you've purchased
  • Receive updates on special offers, events, and new products and services
  • Retain items in your basket/basket

Add Items to Your Basket

To shop at, just locate an item you'd like to purchase and click the "Add to Basket" button. These buttons are usually found beside featured products and on product pages. Clicking this button places the item in your basket. Each time you click "Add to basket," the page will refresh and display the newest item in your basket, as well as previous additions, items of interest, and links to "Checkout."

View Entire Basket

You do not have to view your entire Basket before you check out, but it's a great place to look over your order. The Basket displays all the items you have selected and lets you make adjustments. You can increase or reduce the number of units per item you'd like to buy or remove items from your basket. It also provides a subtotal -- before any shipping charges and taxes are applied -- for your purchase. Once you're comfortable with the items in your basket, click the "Checkout" button.

NOTE: If you sign in to your account but do not complete an order, the items you place in your Basket will remain there for two weeks. You can come back within that time frame, click the Basket link at the top of most pages on the site, and complete your order.


All customers are taken to our Checkout page, where they can complete their orders.

Choose a Payment Method

Here you select your payment method. Currently we only offer payment provisions via Interswitch.

Confirming and Placing Your Order

You're almost done! On the Confirm Order page you'll find a summary of your order, including the final cost. When you are ready, click "confirm" to complete the ordering process. 

Your Order Number/Transaction Reference

Finally, we display a page with your order number, transaction reference which you can save for your records; a link to "View Your Order," which will provide a history and details of your order.
Shortly after this page displays, you will receive an email confirming the details of your order. 

Fulfillment for Digital Products

When you purchase digital goods or services, we'll also send you an email after Checkout with a link and easy-to-follow instructions on how to download those products or activate those services.

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